Baby A's Shower

Hey Friends! This week we are shining a light on a personal day at Lazy Creek Farm. In August, we celebrated Baby A's upcoming arrival and honored the soon to-be Mom and Dad, (us!). We felt all the love from our family and friends and appreciated each and every person that made the trip to our little farm to celebrate with us! Thank you to "To Your Health Bakery" for baking us the most delicious cupcakes and cake! The pickles and salsa were compliments of Derek and made with produce from our garden. And thank you to our friend, Nike, for making rosemary lemonade for everyone to enjoy!

Baby A's creation was years in the making and we are so excited to share this blog post with everyone! Enjoy 💕

Derek, Katie, and Baby Archer

Showered with love! It was so much fun going through all the presents

for Baby Archer!

We are so excited for the sweet crazies (Gus, Burt, and Jules 😂 😍) to meet Baby Archer!

Thank you to everyone that has supported us and is now celebrating the upcoming arrival of Baby Archer!