Congratulations to our Lazy Creek Seniors!

Hello, Lazy Creek Friends!

I had the honor of photographing a local Senior over the weekend, along with her Sister. Meet Anna Grace, the graduating senior, and her younger Sister, Macy! These Sisters were the sweetest and the easiest to photograph, I mean, look at how beautiful they are! Anna Grace and Macy are actually 2 of 5 girls! Can you imagine? 5 Daughters! I'm sure there was never a dull moment growing up. Also, what a blessing to grow up with so many best friends! It was such a joy to meet these young ladies and their parents.

Meet Anna Grace and Macy!

Thank you to the Waddell family for visiting Lazy Creek and allowing us to capture this special season of life!

Life's milestones look unlike anything we could have imagined a year ago, but that doesn't make them any less special. Actually, I'm hoping the class of 2020 will start their next adventure at College with a new outlook on daily life and will take extra appreciation when those big milestones come their way. Life is full of hurdles and challenges and these Seniors are getting a first hand account of "real life" at an early age. My hope is that they will take the changes of their graduation this year with grace and will move forward with hope as they enter their next chapter in life.

Anna Grace exhibited this poised behavior during our time together. It was easy to see that this graduating Senior has a bright future ahead of her and will certainly bring a positive impact to the world. Good Luck in your next chapter at App State. It was a pleasure to meet these sweet Sisters!

Hope everyone enjoyed the blog post this week and we look forward to seeing more of our Lazy Creek Friends and Family this summer!

Peace and Love,