Hello Lazy Creek Family! I bet many of you did not realize that we also love to photograph on location headshots! Headshots are a great way to capture what you are all about. Owner of coffee shop? Let your headshot be in your unique shop. Fitness instructor? Your headshot should be action filled and at the location you will work with the majority of your clients.

Meet Chloe! Chloe needed headshots for her residency application. She is absolutely beautiful and I love how these turned out for her!

Chloe requested a simple backdrop as well. Check out the photos below for simple, professional headshot options as well!

Lots of photographers will give you one image for your headshot and charge you upwards of $200 for the one image/studio time. I picked out just a few of Chloe's photos to blog for you all, but we sent her over 50 images to choose from! She selected her favorite 3 photos and I did addition edits for her, free of charge.

We believe capturing photos for you and your family should be affordable, stress-free, and FUN! Chloe and I laughed so much during her session and it was so nice to get to know this future MD. She will make such a difference in the world and I'm so glad we were able to help her out with her headshots.

Peace and Love until next time,