It's officially Spring, wait was this all the snow for 2020!?

It seems like such a long time ago when our only worry was grabbing enough milk and bread to last us through the snow! With the "stay at home" order, our new normal continues to develop and change daily. I hope everyone is taking this order seriously and doing their part to continue to #flattenthecurve!

Warm days are here and Spring has officially sprung! We love seeing the world come back to life after winter. Even if our lives have been halted to a stand still and we are sheltered in place at home. My hope is that you are continuing to see the beauty around you as spring makes its debut!

For now, Let's rewind and have a moment of distraction as we look back at Gus and Jules enjoying the little snowfall of 2020 at Lazy Creek Farm! Don't worry, spring blog post are in the future! : )

As much as we were itching for spring at the farm, we kept waiting for the "last big snow" of the winter season, but now that it is officially Spring, I think it's safe to say that the this little dusting is all the snow we will be seeing!

It was pretty while it lasted but was gone too quick. Gus and Jules didn't get to become "snow monsters" this year! 😂 And Gus didn't get to catch any snowballs in the air, his favorite! On the plus side, the "concrete pond" as Grandma likes to call it 😂, will be opening soon and the pups will ❤️ it!

Peace and Love,