Archer's Nursery

Hello Friends! There's one part of Lazy Creek Photography that we haven't featured on our blog...the lifestyle session! I've had to cancel all of my photography sessions since going into preterm labor a few weeks ago and being told to rest as much as possible, but I was able to sneak a few photos of Archer's nursery to showcase a part of a lifestyle session for you all!

Lifestyle sessions are great for capturing milestones and real life events in your own space! A new family member, new home, new pet, or a new business are just a few examples of Lifestyle sessions that we capture at Lazy Creek Photography. During my own Lifestyle session below, I wanted to capture the love that went into creating a special space just for Little Archer.

Also, I've been getting a few questions about the decor in Archer's nursery, so I'll include the links below the photos as well! 😊

One of my favorite pieces in the nursery is the vinyl crib backdrop! We felt it was best not to hang anything above the crib for safety, so we comprised on this custom made backdrop from Etsy. The background is completely customizable, from the size to the pattern to the colors! We were able to apply the backdrop in one night with just the two of us. We ordered it as one continuous piece, which made it a little more difficult to apply. Next time, we would order each mountain as a separate piece of vinyl, this would make it even easier to apply it.


On the nightstand, is our heartbeat bear from Sneak-a-Peek! Sneak-a-Peek is a private pay 3D/4D ultrasound service that the mother to be and her friends/family can enjoy at any point during the pregnancy. Sneak-a-Peek is in Clemmons, NC but there are many of these types of businesses located throughout the states. 😊 In this bear, is a recording of Archer's heartbeat. Just so cool!

Who doesn't love BABY YODA!? We didn't want to have a "theme" throughout the nursery, but Derek requested an understated Star Wars item, so I found these ADORABLE Baby Yoda curtain tie-backs on Etsy. These are just perfect, arrived quickly, and didn't break the bank!


I love our little rocking and reading nook!

Check out my two favorite items from this cute little nook below!

This little rocking bear is beyond cute, well made, fits perfectly in Archer's nursery, and even has an option to personalize it! This was a special gift from Archer's Nana and we cannot wait to see Archer rocking on it!

Puppy Break in Archer's Nursery! 😂 😍

We are so excited for all the pups to meet Archer. Miss Jules has surprised us the most. She loves to snuggle up to my belly and will wait to feel Archer's movements. ❤️

Back to Archer's Nursery....

I fell in love with the furniture pieces the minute I found them on Wayfair and I got a great deal on the pieces as well! Who doesn't love Wayfair?!

I love that the dresser comes with a removable changing table, the dresser can grow with Archer!

While researching the type of sign I wanted for the nursery, I came across Rachel's Wood Barn and fell in love with her pieces! I knew I wanted a sign that was clean with straight lines and a little masculine for our little guy, and this sign fit the bill perfectly. Rachel was great to work with and the signs are 100% customizable.

Last but not least, memory books! Derek and a friend, surprised me with these beautiful books. Now, just to find the time to keep the books up-to-date!

This website has everything from pregnancy to adulthood to holidays to gratitude journals. The journals are gorgeous and very well made.

Thank you for checking out this week's blog post! We are scheduling photography sessions for 2021 currently!

Message Katie for additional details. 😃