New Life for the Barn...

Hey Friends! Our wedding venue was an actual working horse barn/farm for a wonderful lady before the property was passed on to us. We do not have horses, but fell in love with the barn, pastures, and the views. We decided to renovate the barn for our family and friends to enjoy as a finished space and that renovation eventually led us to opening the barn and our own little farm to the public.

Check out our journey below:

2018 - Before

Front of the barn

We loved visiting with the horses while they were still on the property.

Back of the barn

The Sunset

The Fields

2018-2020: The Renovations!

Let's start inside the barn

A lot of HARD WORK went into getting the barn cleaned up and ready to be demoed. The stall doors were repurposed by our family as doors to their chicken sheds, very cool!

Cleaned up and cleaned out. It's getting there!

The concrete floors have been poured, the wooden stove is installed, spray foam insulation is completed, and now it's time for doors and windows!

Winter of 2019/2020: The concrete floors are done, the drywall is completed, the doors and windows have been framed, and the wet bar has been installed!

The inaugural event held at Lazy Creek Barn was the owner's Baby Shower,

so sweet! Check out the wide angle shot below:

We chose to keep the color scheme neutral, so each couple could come in and design the wedding of their dreams. The barn can be transformed into a rustic and country piece of paradise, a modern and chic space, a farmhouse style space with backdrops of shiplap, or a classic and timeless wedding space.

The barn is truly a blank canvas for our sweet couples to come in and make it their own dream wedding!

Not pictured: We are so excited to add wedding drapery to our interior space. This will be available at no additional cost!

A blog post featuring the wedding drapery is coming soon!

Let's take a quick look at the progression of the hay lofts. The front loft is currently used for storage and houses the central heating and air system, but the back loft has been transformed into a BEAUTIFUL bridal suite!

*See the Bridal Suite Blog Post for photos of this beautiful space completely finished!

Next up, let's look at the front of barn!

We wanted the outside of the barn to give you a glimpse of what was to come inside, so we decided to keep the outside clean and fresh with white board and batten on the top half and we painted the bottom half pure white. We installed an overhead light above the doors to create a focal point and add to the timeless and classic look of the barn.

The same look was given to the back of the barn with the exception of installing a large window at the hay loft.

This is the part of the loft that features the bridal suite and we wanted to keep as much natural light coming into the space as possible.

Next up, let's take a look at the outside transformation!

The first major project for the outside space was to level the ground and install a road from the main drive down to the barn.

We also installed a small parking pad at the barn.

Once this was completed, it was time to get started on leveling and moving A LOT of dirt to create a huge pad for future weddings. This pad overlooks the back pastures, a creek, and has views of the gorgeous sunset.

First up, the fencing needed to be removed and then the heavy machinery came in and got to work!

Fast forward a few months and take a look at the photo below:

To the left of the barn, the driveway and smaller parking pad is completed and to the right of the barn, the larger pad is completed! This larger pad will be a featured site for wedding ceremonies and receptions! As you can see from the photo, there are many more options for ceremonies at Lazy Creek.

Our couples are invited to tour the property and pick the ceremony space that is just right for them. This vantage point also gives you a look at our produce farm off to the left and a glimpse of the fruit trees!

Wow! What a transformation for our little Lazy Creek Farm!

Of course, the work is never done.

Not pictured: Additional trees that have been added along the driveway leading to the barn, they will be shining bright with blooms come spring and I cannot wait to capture the trees in photos for you all.

Also not pictured: A larger parking pad that holds 56 cards for guest at the start of the driveway leading to the barn.

Let's take one more look at the Before and After Photos!

I want you to look closely at those beautiful barn doors on the after photo, they were handmade on site by the owner of Lazy Creek!


Contact Katie to schedule a tour for your upcoming wedding!

Lazy Creel also has many other offerings throughout the year, including produce boxes from Lazy Creek Farm, Photography through Lazy Creek Photography, and seasonal tulip, wildflower, and sunflower fields opened to the public for picking and for photography sessions.

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