Couldn't miss this opportunity!

Hello Friends of Lazy Creek Photography! We are so excited to share this session with you all. It may be one of my favorite to date! For those that are local to Winston-Salem, then I know you are familiar with Reynolda! From the gardens to the fields to the waterfall, Reynolda has a lot of offer, but my favorite spot in Reynolda is only seen at the beginning of each year and only last a few weeks....Wondering what/where this magical little spot could be???

It is a beautiful bed of daffodil's nestled under the trees close to the Manor!

😍❤️ Rays of sunshine, bright yellow daffodil's, + a Piper...OH MY! It doesn't get any better! ❤️ 😍

Meet Piper! Piper is the darling Daughter of Brant + Nikeole, little Sister to Wyatt + Pup Leia. Miss Piper just turn 7 months old and we were so excited to capture this special time for the Macy's. Before long, little Piper will be a waddling one year old and we just cannot let this moment in time pass us by without capturing her perfect little baby cheeks! Look at those! Oh, and those big blue eyes! We just love it! Mama Nikeole did such a great job contrasting Piper's outfit with the blooming Daffodil's. Simply perfection!

Fun Fact: Nikeole is part of my weekly running group! Every weekend, you can find Piper, Nikeole, Katie, + three dogs, plus other friends, walking/running the streets of Buena Vista and surrounding greenways! Yep, you read that right. Miss Piper is always with us in the trusted and protected Bob (jogging stroller!). Piper LOVES to be outside and is perfectly happy playing and napping while we get in our exercise and girl time!

Nikeole has been part of the Lazy Creek Family from the very beginning and we are so thrilled she continues to trust us to capture her precious family!