Hello Friends!!! Not only are we dog lovers over here at Lazy Creek Photography, but we are lovers of the sport of dog agility! (Fun fact: Gus is currently working on his championship! ❤️). Meet Galley, she is one of our favorite local PWDs (Portuguese Water Dog) and earned her MACH (Master Agility Championship) at the end of 2019. Early in 2020, PWD friends were visiting the Carolinas, and OF COURSE, we had to have a huge pawty to celebrate Galley's achievement. A "PWD PAWTY" always consist of a dog friendly cake, (in the shape of a MACH Rosette in this case!), training, group photos, and silly time (see the duckies 😂). One more fun fact: Females are the feature in this post. All Females in the group photo! #GIRLPOWER!

Congratulations, Galley! We are so proud of you!

It takes such dedication and teamwork to achieve a MACH in dog agility. The dogs have to have so much trust in us (handlers) to safely and correctly guide them through the course and the handlers must have a high level of trust in the dogs to follow through with the training. This level of equal trust is truly amazing. The dogs must have so much focus (in a crowded arena!) and be so in-tune with every word and body movement that the handlers perform in order to execute the obstacles safely and correctly! I can say from first hand experience, it is magical when I cross the finish line with Gus or Jules and we both know we just NAILED that run! 👏 To achieve a MACH, Galley had to first make it to the Masters Level, which can take years, then once in the Masters Level, Galley had to have TWENTY DOUBLE Q's! That means she had to run two types of courses on the same day, PERFECTLY, 20 times! It is very easy to get disqualified at this high level, so Galley and her Handler, had to have a perfect day, 20 times. It truly is amazing and we are so proud of this team!

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