The Lester's: From High School Sweethearts to a family of 5!

Meet Sara + Scott + their gang! Ready for a real life teen movie?! 😂 😍 Scott fell in love with Sara the MOMENT he saw her from across the cafeteria over 17 years ago and he's still looking at her that same way. I'm not joking... & it's just SO sweet!

Sara and I actually met over 12 years ago through a mutual friend. (Here's a little fun fact for those of you that know me well....Sara is the initiator for my love of running! Yep, Sara was there at the VERY beginning and she can tell you that I could barely run for 30 seconds at a time....Hard to believe now that I've ran for 8 hours consecutively through the woods!) So needless to say, we love Sara and her adorable, hilarious family! (Another fun fact: I was a bridesmaid in their wedding!) The Lester's are the type of family that radiates laughter and real life goodness. You know that type of family, you immediately love them and can feel their love within moments of being in their presence. Let's introduce you to the kiddos and Dad: Gracen is the oldest, next is Charity Beth, and the baby is Nolan. Scott is the best Dad and loves to share is love of fishing and baseball with his boys! He even coaches Gracen's basketball team! Talk about a Super Dad! Sara is a fellow female entrepreneur, she started a business from her home called "Gussy Up" and it's beaded jewelry for girls plus matching sets for Mothers + Daughters, such a great idea! Give her some ❤️ on Facebook!

Thank you to the Lester's for allowing Lazy Creek Photography to capture your family at this special moment in time! This session was actually from Winter 2019. I just loved it so much, I had to blog it! It's now March 2020, so let's hope these cold, winter days are almost behind us! We are looking forward to seeing Sara and her sweet family this spring for more fun + photos!

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