Thankful for the farm life!

Hello friends 💕,

Wow, life sure has changed over the past week for us in North Carolina. We hope that everyone is practicing social distancing and proper hygiene! Please, stay at home and only leave the house if absolutely necessary. Remember, we are protecting those that are not able to protect themselves by staying home! It's only for a short time and I know it can be stressful, but give those in your household a little extra love and attention and appreciate that you were able to stock up on items and that you have a safe place to escape while we ride out this novel coronavirus. We have been a meat free household (for the humans!) for years and this coronavirus has made us believe in the importance of knowing where our food comes from even more. Having said that, we are so thankful we have our own little produce and orchard farm to help keep us and our Lazy Creek Family fed! During our social distancing, we have been very busy! We are planting our seedlings each week, planting trees, and the garden is being plowed and prepared! 😄 Not to mention, the wildflower seedlings that are popping up in the greenhouse! ❤️ We will be sending out our crop share newsletter soon and we can't wait to share our garden with our crop share friends and family this year!

One more note about the coronavirus, if you do have symptoms, please go to one of the local pop-up tents for an examination and stay out of the ER! Be kind to your medical staff that is working overtime and tirelessly to keep everyone safe. We are also health care workers and are seeing first hand how hard everyone is working, so please do your part in staying home and flattening the curve! For health care workers, life does have to go on, but we are taking extra precautions in our household. We immediately strip down and shower before we touch anything in the house, including the pups! And we are staying at home unless we are working!

Enough with the coronavirus, let's enjoy a few pictures of Gus and Jules enjoying the sunshine! We have Gus, aka blue steel, giving us his best model face, I promise he does smile! 😂 And we have Miss Jules, she is always smiling and SO HAPPY! 🥰

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Happy Tuesday!

Peace and Love,