The Sweetest Little Addison!

Hello Friends and Family of Lazy Creek Photography. Thanks for checking out this week's blog post. Meet The Collins! Amanda, Joe, and little Addison. It was so much fun to meet this sweet family at Ayers Orchard in Cana, VA for a little social distancing photo shoot!

It's Addison's time to shine! She is the sweetest and funniest little 5 year old. Miss Addison was actually a little nervous before our time together, but once she saw the wide open orchard fields she was right at home! 😂 😍

I love these candid photos of Addison. They really capture her personality at this moment in her childhood.

Oh, these photos! Real life laughter, real life goodness, and real life love! We love capturing these sweet family moments. 💕

How sweet are these Father-Daughter moments between Addison and Joe!? 💕

Like Momma, Like Daughter. Can we say Mini Me!?

Let's not forget how this family started...the love between Amanda and Joe 💕

And finally, a few of Katie's favorite from this fabulous session! 😄

Message us on FB or Contact Katie if you would like to set up a Spring Session with your family! 😊

One final note, I have say, please continue to support local businesses while practicing social distancing and safe hygiene. I'm seeing that friends and family are very divided on how to proceed in this new COVID19 world. I believe we can all continue to do the activities we enjoy while keeping ourselves and others safe. Some of our family and friends have been lucky enough to not have been personally affected by COVID19 and when that is the case, it is easy to believe this is not serious. We have not been so lucky, we know several people that have suffered due to COVID19. I'm working daily with immunocompromised patients, so I will 100% be wearing a mask, using gloves, and sanitizing non-stop when I'm out. It is not about "being afraid". It is about loving my neighbor so much that I'm willing to be uncomfortable and take every step possible in order to keep them safe. ❤️ We need to continue to flatten the curve and prevent future spikes in cases. Stay safe everyone and thank you for supporting my small business!

Peace and Love,