What is not to love about a "Gary"?!

Hey Friends! Wow, the coronavirus has continued to change our normal routine. My hope is that everyone is connecting online, through FaceTime, and is finding ways to thrive in our new normal. Not just survive, but thrive! Try to look for the positives each day and do YOUR part to flatten the curve!

This is a short season in our lives, but our hope is that it will change everyone for the better as we move forward. If you have young ones at home, allow this challenging time to be an example of how to handle adversity. Your children will surely face many more challenges as they grow up, and you as the adult are setting the example of how to cope. Again, learn to thrive, not just survive! Are you complaining at home, creating a stressful atmosphere, spreading negative news? Or are you finding ways to remain a positive light for others around you? Teaching the young ones the importance of hygiene? Maybe using this time to start new traditions in the kitchen? Teach the young ones your favorite cookie recipe? Or Brainstorming ways they can spread positivity in this moment of adversity? Enough about the coronavirus....you get it. Let's be better and do better together! Now, let's check out this giant ball of white fur! 😂 😍

This week, I want to throw back to 2019 and give you a smile with this huge teddy bear! Just look at him! Meet Gary, a Great Pyrenees.

Lazy Creek Photography did a quick photoshoot with Gary last fall when he was still a puppy. Yes, a PUPPY! Gary now weighs over 130lbs! 😬🥰.

Gary actually spends a lot of his evenings at Lazy Creek Farm (in our fields!). Gary's human is a jack of all trades and is our right hand man. We literally couldn't survive this farm life without Gary and his human! ❤️

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